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1.  There is a minimum order quantity for Safe + Fair Food Company Brands

2.  There is a minimum order quantity per SKU within a brand of The Safe + Fair Food Company.

3.  Product pricing does not include marketing support.

4.  Product pricing has been reduced to the lowest cost.  **Negotiable depending Volume***

5.  GRUPO ALDU will supply Partner with  marketing presentations documents of SAFE+FAIR FOOD COMPANY

6.  Product pricing does not include freight

7.  Taxes and Duties of importation are the responsibility of Partner

8.  Partner is responsible for shipping cost of original documents.

9.  Registration and Labeling costs are the responsibility of Partner

10.  All labels must be approved by GRUPO ALDU and the manufacturer

11.  All orders must be paid in cash up front / After 10 orders we have a 30 days terms of payment

12.  Payment Terms are not available until after a minimum of 10 orders accumulated

13.  Partner is given  3 months "good faith" agreement to penetrate market

14.  Partner is required to provide a rolling 12 month forecast

15.  Partner is required to provide list of stores where products are distributed

16.  Partner is required to provide a sales expansion plan.

17.  GRUPO ALDU follow up a yearly visit to local distributor for audits

I agree to the terms of use.

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